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Convercart Founder and CEO, Alban Camaj, had one goal in mind when starting Convercart: to change the way people have been shopping online over the past 20+ years by providing a more personalized and time efficient experience. Convercart's innovative approach uses messaging, the modern consumer's preferred channel of communication, to offer customers a curated selection of products without requiring them to download additional apps or browse through hundreds of options online.

During a long tenure working with one of the largest conversational commerce and messaging software platforms, Alban helped some of the world’s leading retail, financial services, travel and tech companies in the world build out their conversational and customer service strategies. Over the course of his time there, he realized that brands often became caught up in their own systems, causing them to lose sight of the bigger picture: providing a seamless conversational shopping experience through messaging. Upon this realization, Alban decided the best way to shift the way people shop was to initiate the change himself by creating this experience through Convercart.

While attempting to furnish his apartment in New York City, Alban spent countless hours online trying to find the perfect pieces for his new home. The experience was frustrating at best – with little knowledge about interior design, the amount of options was actually more overwhelming than helpful. Surely, there were others like himself who wanted an online shopping experience facilitated by experts in the field that didn’t require an extensive amount of time spent searching and speculating. Following this experience, focusing on furniture seemed like the natural route to take with Convercart.

Convercart was built on a culture of fun, style-inspired and customer focused team members that truly believe the next wave of commerce will be conversational. As pioneers of this new model, the Convercart team is eager to join forces with likeminded companies and individuals who are enthusiastic about the development of conversational commerce. For more information on how you might be able to join the Convercart team, be sure to check out our  "Careers" page or contact us for more info at

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